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We are planning to marry in Japan. What procedures should we follow?
If you both are not Japanese nationals and wish to marry in Japan, you can do so in accordance with the law of Japan, where you both reside. To do so, you must register your marriage at the family register section of you city office. Each of you must submit a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage together with its Japanese translation. Ask your embassy or consulate general for the certificates. Once your marriage registration is accepted by your city office, you will be legally married under the Japanese law. However, it would be advisable you ascertain beforehand from the embassy or consulate whether marriage registered under the Japanese law is valid in your country. Your marriage registration certificate will be kept in your municipal office for 50 years.

If both of you are from the same country, you may also be able register your marriage at your embassy or consulate general in accordance with the legal formalities of your own home country. If you and your partner do not share the same nationality, you may be able to follow the formalities of either of your country. However, some countries do not provide marriage registration service at their overseas consulate generals, so please check them in advance. Marriage between foreign nationals registered under the law of their country needs not to be reported to a Japanese municipality.
Do you shoot a family portrait besides a wedding photo?
It depends on the condition, so please contact us first.
We are going to take our photographer from our home country. Would you arrange everything besides a photographer?
For your wedding, YES!! But for your photo session, it depends on the condition. So please contact us first.
We are planning to have our wedding in Japan. Can you help us?
Yes, we can plan your wedding ceremony and reception in Japan. Please feel free to contact us.

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