Antero Latorre
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Born in Spain, ANTERO understands photography to be a way of life and a way to understand what is happening around him. He spent all of his time working really hard to understand everything that has to do with photography. After a few years from gradeation of the Visual Arts School of Vitoria, some of his work was published in VOGUE, and he was able to provide creative services for TOYOTA... showing his versatility.

Because you are special... On your celebration day, you want to have someone around you who implicates himself in everything that is happening. Someone able to capture the essence of each moment and transform them into lasting memories.To prepare a wedding, you need months of intensive hard work. The ring, the dress, the location...every single detail is so important, and somehow they all have to be combined perfectly to show the unique personality of the couple.

This is the reason that I believe, as a wedding photographer, the most important thing is understanding the couple's point of view, so nothing will be missed.

It's not just about taking good pictures, but more about capturing emotions. When you see the picture(s) years later, my hope is that you can feel the same emotions you felt on that special day. During your wedding, moments pass by very quickly, and you can rest assured that I am catching them all for you.

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