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Moment when a long-time dream comes true…

2018 . 04

It was a hot summer day in 2017 when we first received the inquiry from Brazil, the opposite side of Japan.

Since then, we discussed about the details with over 50 emails.

But unexpected circumstances happened in the end of the year. One day, they found out that VISA they had applied for was rejected, and a whole plan went back to a blank paper. They had already booked flights and accommodations, but they were forced to change everything.

To buy new tickets to Japan, they needed to cut down the budget for their wedding photo, and they were about to give up their dream. But, who could ever let them do that?!

After overcoming several difficulties, their dream finally came true in spring 2018.

On the wedding day, it had been raining heavily since early morning. We were singing “Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day” throughout the preparation.

Then, wonderful to say, it stopped raining and cleared up just before the photo session begins… Our prayer was heard!

It was just a perfect day to start out on their new life together, with all visible and invisible blessings. And we were so happy to be witnesses to a moment when their long-time dream came true.

From the couple…

Getting married in Japan was a long time dream for us. When we finally decided to do it, we were very afraid because even though we are learning Japanese, it was not enough to hire a photographer and rent the outfits by ourselves. After searching a lot in the internet, we discovered the WAQWAQ. They were great since the beginning.

Yuki patiently answered all our questions through several emails. We also had a life chat in Skype and we were way more confident after that. She gave greats suggestions regarding locations for the photo session.

We met Yuki after we arrived in Japan for the measurement. As a plus sizes we were a bit afraid. On the day on the photo shoot, they arrived in our hotel in the time arranged, they brought many options of kimonos for us choose and they looked exactly as the references we sent.

During the whole day the whole team was very considerate, patient and organized. They took care of everything. They surprise us with a carriage tour. They looked after us during all of ceremony making sure that we were always perfect.

It was an amazing day and it wouldn’t be same without them. Our photos are incredible. We love them so much.

Yuki, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to realize this dream. We will be forever grateful!


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