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C & H

from Hong Kong

Hiring Yuki was the best thing to happen to our wedding!

We had so much trouble dealing with the cross-culture hiccups that came up time to time again before Yuki arrived. Like Mary Poppins she came in and smoothed everything over, taking care of all the preparation details. I am pretty sure she saved us more money than we spent hiring her!
During the day she went above and beyond to make sure that things went flawlessly. Either she planned our wedding so perfectly that everything went smoothly for the whole day, or Yuki is such a master of solving problems on the spot that we did not notice anything went wrong at all!

I would be happy to recommend Yuki to anyone planning an overseas wedding in Japan. Our special day was a success thanks to her!

Wedding Planner: YUKI
Photographer: Eddy Li​
Venue: Bella Vista Spa & Marina Onomichi

R & J

from Brazil

Getting married in Japan was a long-time dream for us. When we finally decided to do it, we were very afraid because even though we are learning Japanese, it was not enough to hire a photographer and rent the outfits by ourselves. After searching a lot in the internet, we discovered the WAQWAQ. They were great since the beginning.

Yuki patiently answered to all our questions through several emails. We also had a live chat in Skype and we were way more confident after that. She gave greats suggestions regarding locations for the photo session.

We met Yuki after we arrived in Japan for the measurement. As a plus sizes, we were a bit afraid. On the day of the photo shoot, they arrived in our hotel in the time arranged, they brought many options of kimonos for us to choose and they looked exactly as the references we sent. During the whole day the whole team was very considerate, patient and organized. They took care of everything. They surprised us with a rickshaw tour. They looked after us during all of ceremony making sure that we were always perfect. It was an amazing day and it wouldn’t be same without them. Our photos are incredible. We love them so much.

Yuki, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to realize this dream. We will be forever grateful!

Wedding Planner: YUKI
Photographer: Tomomi Takahashi
Hair & Makeup / Kimono Rental: T-drop

C & A

from Hong Kong

Our wedding at Andaz fulfilled a lot of what we desired in tying our nuptials – the venue was minimalistic and classy, with an understated but elegant vibe.

We were fortunate to work with a very professional team – with Yuki coordinating, the florist and decor team executed our ideas and gave tasteful suggestions, the F&B team cooked and served faultlessly on site for all 80+ of us, musicians, lighting technicians, makeups artists, videographers and attendants of the bridal party all worked to display an exceptionally high standard of Japanese hospitality.

Most of all, made possible by the planning and attention to detail of the whole team, the entire day went by in a stress-free manner and we, as the bride and groom, were actually able to enjoy every minute of the wedding day, which is what REALLY matters!


Wedding Planner: YUKI
Photographer: Gabriel Leung
Videographer: filament..
Flower Decor: Liberte (Tomomi Gennai)
Venue: Andaz Tokyo

J & A

from Taiwan × USA × Japan

It took us 1 year to plan, 9 months to coordinate, and 3 wedding planners to hire and fire, until we found the perfect country, location, shrine, hotel, food, and venue to give our friends and family the experience we wanted them to have. If we were to talk about how hard this wedding was, or consider the level of complexity it had, it is pretty much end game raid boss level.

Anything and everything incredibly difficult was thrown into the mix. If we didn't have YUKI as our planner none of this would be remotely possible, as we wanted to give everyone a traditional Japanese shrine ceremony, followed by a Chinese-American style dinner, followed by an American style dance party, followed by a Japanese style home party. YUKI and we sent each other hundreds of emails, pdfs, seating plans, lighting equipment, cost tables to approve and reapprove. We didn't want the typical wedding, we wanted to give everyone a memorable culturally immersive experience in a very relaxed and comfortable setting, where all of our very important friends can meet and become friends with each other. And we DIDN'T want the wedding to be about us, we wanted it to be about our community of friends and family.

You do amazing work, Yuki!!!!!!! We are grateful for you!!

Wedding Planner: YUKI
Planner Assistant: YUKINO, Chihiro Oe
Photographer: Showgo Westfield
Hair & Makeup / Kimono Rental: T-drop
Flower Decor: Yumi Kobayashi

M & D

from New York

​Our Tokyo wedding reception was flawless.

My husband from the US was so amazed with the care and dedication Yuki and her team provided. We had two events to plan; a wedding ceremony in Kauai Hawaii followed by a reception in Tokyo. Most of my attention was focused on planning our Kauai wedding but Yuki nicely guided us to stay on track for our Tokyo reception. Once Yuki and I discussed our vision, Yuki provided insightful recommendations for a photographer, hair and make-up, florist, etc. that fit our vision goals. However, if I was not sure about anything being planned, she was always there via emails or phone calls to give me advice and guidance.

My mom, who lives in Tokyo, and as doting moms will do, sometimes by-passed me and went directly to Yuki with her wishes. Yuki helped me manage her, too. Planning a wedding can be daunting in the beginning. But if you stay true to your vision and have Yuki as a planning partner, it will turn out to be the most memorable and amazing experience ever.

Wedding Planner: YUKI
Photographer: Masaki Oriyama
Hair & Makeup: Yuka Kumazaki
Flower Decor: Liberte (Tomomi Gennai)
Venue: Andaz Tokyo

A Family

from Japan × Norway




Photographer: Tomomi Takahashi

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